About Myself

I am Erik de Jonge. In 2011 I started my own company 3DeJo.

The meaning of the name of my company 3DeJo is 3Dimensional Design Erik de Jonge.

Since 1983 I have gained experience with the program PDMS (now E3D) company AVEVA. I acted as a liaison between the project and PDMS users.

In addition, I have as administrator set up the projects within the network structures. Ensuring proper standards in the project was an important part in this.

My experience is very diverse and well at major market players such as Akzo Nobel Engineering, Engineering Bilfinger Tebodin Hengelo and Viro Engineering Arnhem.

Currently I teach include commissioned by Schuller & Company with various trainings and E3D. E3D is the latest in AVEVA software for 3D modeling of technical systems.

These courses are both for users and for administrators.

As a PDMS (E3D-) Administrator it is important to good projects to put down and to adjust the network structure of the customer. Understanding and organizing such project environments and authorizations.

In this area I can possibly do something for you. This can be in establishing and equipping a E3D project and system administration. Also it can be in the way of consultancy or advice. Or guiding your administrators or users.

For more information please look at my Services page.

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