I would like to explore with you about the possibilities that I can help you with to carry out your project as possible. Below is a list of possible activities you can think of.


  • Setting up workstations serving E3D
  • Installing software E3D
  • Establish E3D project structures on local networks or workstations
  • The support and activation of the license E3D
  • Establish E3D projects
  • Setting up company-standards within E3D. These include the setting up of drawing frames, isometric production and creating standard piping parts catalog.
  • Import and export files to and from E3D (eg STEP files, IFC, SDNF- and DGN files).


  • Assisting and executing E3D project work.
  • This could include creating equipment (equipment), routing piping (piping) and setting up a steel construction concept.
  • Creating 2-D drawings based on 3D model information (draw)


  • Providing training (often on behalf of AVEVA) multiple versions of E3D
  • In addition Plant Design also the Marine Environment
  • Foundation training consisting of:
    • Basic-training
    • Equipment
    • Piping and Structural introduction
    • Draw and Isodraft
    • Reporting
  • E3D System admin training
  • E3D Piping Cats- and Specs training